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About Us

Brady Street Recordings is a full service recording studio founded in 2006 by Brendan Smith and Mikhail Marinas in Waldwick, NJ.  We provide production, recording, mixing, and mastering services for bands of all genres, as well as composition, voice-over, commercial music, and other audio services.


Brendan has over 15 years of experience producing, recording, mixing, and mastering music for bands from all genres.  He is also an acoustical engineer, helping clients all over the world design great sounding studios, concert halls, and performance spaces. He also writes and records his own original music.  In addition, he is currently working on a PhD in Acoustical Oceanography and has started a website providing acoustic information specifically for home studio owners at homestudioacoustics.com.

Brendan implements his knowledge and passion for acoustics during the recording process, often changing the finishes in the room to achieve a room acoustic response that suits the musical style.  He aims to work with artists to understand and achieve their vision and give their music a unique sound that helps them stand out from the crowd.


With over 17 years of experience, Mikhail has been actively working with artists and bands across a plethora of musical styles and genres. Being a guitarist, bassist, and drummer for several bands across the tri-state, he has helped cater to many different approaches when it comes to creating something unique in the studio.

Whether it’s Hip-Hop, Punk, Metal, Jazz, or Hardcore, Mikhail utilizes a “clean slate” approach to all of his projects, often going through extremes in achieving tonal qualities that reflect the artists’ vision. He enjoys every aspect of each process, often blending a variety of techniques and experimentation throughout each stage of production. Creating a comfortable environment for art to flourish is essential, and Mikhail always strives for that with each session.