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What are your hours?

-We typically operate between 10am and 10pm, 7 days a week.


Can I use your gear/instruments?

-Yes, all of our drums, guitars, synths, amps, etc. are available for you to use.


I recorded my music at another studio or at my house, can I send you the tracks to mix?

-Yes.  You can send your stems, Logic, or Pro Tools sessions to us and we can take it from there.


Can you record my whole band live?

-Yes.  While we typically record instruments individually, we can set up our studio to record every member of your band simultaneously, if that’s your preference.


What should we do to prepare for the studio?

-Practice.  Make sure you’re all familiar with the songs and can play them to a metronome.  Ideally, work out the tempos for your songs before you come into the studio.   Get your instruments set up, put new strings on your guitars/bass, new skins on your drums, etc.  We can help with tuning once you get here, but preparing your instruments before hand can save you a lot of time in the studio.


How do we pay?

-We accept PayPal, Venmo, or cash.


How much time will we need?

-The amount of time you’ll need in the studio will depend on the number of songs you’re recording, the number of instruments, genre, and how prepared you are prior to coming into the studio.  We can help you estimate how much time you’ll need, so feel free to reach for more info.